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Dec 3, 2011. #4. thatoneguy said: You would need to start with an outlet capable of at least 20A. Most outlets in the US are 15 or sometimes 20A, except for 220V, which are 40A. Single phase power factor is about 0.6, so a 2kW p/s will draw more like 40A off 115VAC. We only built up to 1kW supplies in 115V single phase. Older or more basic computer power supplies convert AC to multiple DC voltages (+12V, +5V, +3.3V) at the same time. Newer, more advanced power supplies, convert AC to +12VDC, while smaller DC to DC power supplies within the power supply's housing convert the +12V to lesser used +3.3V and +5V. amazon virtual new hire appointment; is ps4 jailbreak permanent; 817b.

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